• About Funeral

  • The best way to honour a person’s life is to allow family, friends and the community to gather, remember and celebrate the person. Every person has made a contribution to society and it is important we take a moment to reflect on this contribution to allow time to grieve.


    A funeral:

    • Gives the opportunity to say goodbye
    • Provides people with an understanding of the finality of death and the process of life
    • Reaffirms their relationship with the person that has died
    • Helps the bereaved move towards the pain of the loss
    • Helps the bereaved transition to their new definition of life after the death of their loved one
    • Provides a safe and supportive environment for expressing their grief
    • Allows a social support system for the bereaved to grow​

    Funerals are personalised to reflect the essence of who the person was. A meaningful funeral captures the person’s whole life and shares their life journey with those in attendance at a funeral. The funeral, the days before it, and the burial or cremation are important steps in coming to terms with death of someone close.

    Many people have not had the experience of organising a funeral before and the decisions to be made can seem overwhelming. Te Awahou Funeral Services  is here to help guide you through the decision making process.